Vallette Family

Vallette Family

About Me

Well, hey there! I'm Diana and I'm the mom of the "Vallette Family". I'm married to Marvin and we have 3 children under the age of 6. We try hard to parent with the perfect balance of love and kindness and discipline. We mess up a lot.

This blog mostly serves for me to think out loud. It's filled with the things I have learned (or am currently learning, unlearning or relearning). I figured out early on that moms need community. Real community. A place we can go to exhale. We need a place where we can laugh and nod along with one another. This blog has been one of my REAL places. 

I started this blog over 4 years ago and a lot (most?) of it makes me cringe. I have to stop myself from going back and deleting or editing most posts. I wonder "what were you thinking?" at some point in almost every post. I don't delete or edit because life is about growth and change and it wouldn't be an accurate look into the life of a mediocre mom if I made it look perfect--please read with this in mind. 

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